National Parque de Ordesa – Come Over To The Other Side

During a visit to the French Pyrenees in 2016 I became fascinated by the alternative side of this immense natural frontier. What was it like across the other side of the mountain? Did a different country and language make any difference or was it more of the same? A border is after all only a… Continue reading National Parque de Ordesa – Come Over To The Other Side

Review : Children of Time – Asimov’s Heir?

Title: Children of Time Author: Adrian Tchaikovsky FFAA Rating: 82/100 For me, one of the joys in life is discovering a new music artist, or a new author, being thoroughly blown away, and then wondering, "why has it taken me so long to discover this?". This was my first experience of Adrian Tchaikovsky and my… Continue reading Review : Children of Time – Asimov’s Heir?