Home Again and Top Threes

The crossing from Cherbourg was really choppy, like a see saw for most of the journey, so we were delighted when the captain announced that we were arriving 45 minutes early. We also, by sheer luck, had been placed in prime disembarking position, so were the third vehicle off the boat. Even with the obligatory… Continue reading Home Again and Top Threes


Back to Cherbourg

Our last night of the trip in Stormie passed peacefully, despite several late night arrivals and early morning departures from the site. Riva Bella is definitely used as a brief stopping point for the beginning or end of holidays, and for that it's perfect. We again took the coastal, scenic route, passing through small towns… Continue reading Back to Cherbourg

Austrian Alpine Adventure. With Horns.

Despite spectacular thunder and lightning storms we both slept very soundly, the exertions of the last few days taking their toll. Our plan for today was to explore the walks in the mountains above Nuziders and Blundez. We got washed and changed promptly and walked the three kilometres to the cable car station, which wound… Continue reading Austrian Alpine Adventure. With Horns.