Return to Glenariff – A New Hope?

Following vehement recent criticism of shambolic Irish campsites, my blog post 'Glenariff Fights back' in July provided a glimpse of hope that things might be looking up.  I had stumbled upon this site, in the Glenariff Forest Park, by accident.  Mrs Kerr and I decided to spend the night and see if there really was… Continue reading Return to Glenariff – A New Hope?


Book Review: The Fireman – Towering Inferno or Smoldering Ashes?

Title: The Fireman Author: Joe Hill KFAA Rating: 78/100 Anyone who has followed this blog since its relatively recent inception will know that I (the Mr Kerr of the 'Kerr for an Adventure' partnership) enjoy a good read. I also particularly enjoy discovering new authors and reading their material for the first time. This is… Continue reading Book Review: The Fireman – Towering Inferno or Smoldering Ashes?

Basque in the Euskadi Country

After completing a circuit of northern Spanish regions from Aragon through to Navarra, Castilla y Leon, Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria (in that order), our trusty campervan Stormie dutifully delivered us to our last provincial stop of this country - the delightful Basque region. It proved to be another truly beautiful location in which we barely… Continue reading Basque in the Euskadi Country

Curious Case of Casey’s Caravan Park down in Downings Donegal

Well here we go again. With a great deal of trepidation and some prejudice misgivings I headed off for a weekend with some good friends to tackle another Irish campsite - Casey's Caravan and Camping Park in Downings, County Donegal. Mrs Kerr wisely stayed at home for this one. Casey's is located just on the… Continue reading Curious Case of Casey’s Caravan Park down in Downings Donegal

National Parque de Ordesa – Come Over To The Other Side

During a visit to the French Pyrenees in 2016 I became fascinated by the alternative side of this immense natural frontier. What was it like across the other side of the mountain? Did a different country and language make any difference or was it more of the same? A border is after all only a… Continue reading National Parque de Ordesa – Come Over To The Other Side